Dragging Up Old Stuff

Monday I was mostly working on covers for those three stories. I’m still not crazy about them, but since I’m not a graphic artist I figure I’ll just go with what I have. Three stories are ready to go on KDP, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I still want to do some more research. I’m bad like that.

Today I only got in 45 minutes of writing so far, although the day is still relatively young. I did about 1000 words on a silly project I started a long time ago, a long-form seat-of-the-pants story about teenagers meeting vampires, and the vampires really are horrible monsters. I have no idea where this is going, which is sort of the point of the project; no editing, no looking back. I figure I can do a couple thousand more words today.

However, it’s slower than when I have full creative voice kicked in, and part of that is because I have to look back to remember what I was doing before. These are half-finished stories I started years ago, and while I remember all of them, I need to go make sure I’m not screwing up some important detail. That doesn’t really happen when you do a whole story from scratch, beginning to end, because it’s fresh in your mind. I think I might be better off just starting some new stuff instead of finishing the old. So why bother?

I guess I just hate to leave things half-done.

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