First shorts out

 I just couldn’t think of any more awful reasons to delay shoving my first three stories onto KDP, so here they are.

All are priced at $0.99. My intent is to write more shorts until I think I have enough to compile into a collection, then post the collection for $2.99, promos aside. There’s a significant difference in Amazon royalties between $2.99 and anything lower than $2.99, not that I’m counting on that mattering anytime soon. The important thing is to keep writing without regard for any anticipated result. After I have a decent amount of stories finished, I can probably jump back to working on my first novel (actually finished but I’m sure it’s a mess) and some other long form pieces.

I’ve also started submitting my shorts to Kindle Singles, which is sort of a mini-imprint inside Amazon. This is apparently a long shot, but there’s no reason to not do it… aside from KDP locking me into one marketplace for the duration of the book’s enrollment in KDP. It may last 90 days, or may it can be cancelled before then, say when the story gets rejected from Kindle Singles, at which point I’ll have to go and navigate Smashwords, B&N, etc.

Whatever. I need to get back to these other pieces.

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